Jilly Bean

Product Description

Jilly bean tastes and smells like the most amazing pine and mint flavor weve ever tasted in a flower.The strain is not that potent testing anywhere from 10% to 15%. But what it lacks in potency it makes up for in smell and taste.The genetic makeup of Jilly Bean are all you need to know to realize that this strain is no joke. Preceded by Orange Skunk, Cinderella 99, and the hard-hitting Romulan, this strain provides an uplifting sativa high, while still managing to give the patient a mellow, laid-back experience. This makes is ideal for use any time of day, but it is generally preferred in the daytime. When growing, Jilly Bean is relatively short compared to most Sativas. It has leaves that, when the plant is maturing, turn dark blue or purple on the edges. It requires little topping or maintenance which makes it a favorite for all-types of growers. This strain smells sour and fruity when maturing. Renowned for it’s flavor and trance-like effects, Jilly Bean is widely regarded as one of the top strains in the cannabis world today