Double Strawberry Cough

THC:0.36% | THCa:23.06% | CBD:0.00% | CBDa:0.73% | CBN:0.11% | Moisture:8.79%

Product Description

This Sativa-dominant Hybrid is roughly ~80% Sativa (Erdbeer) and just ~20% mixed with an unknown Indica from North American. Needless to say, Strawberry Cough was quick to win over our hearts over. All it took was the container being opened — and it was love. Once the aroma of strawberries hits your nostrils you know you are in for a real treat. The buds were so incredibly dense, it was like they were little pebbles. The shade of the buds are very bright green with red hairs all over. The strawberry scent multiplied exponentially after putting a fat bud in the grinder