Diesel Berry

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THC:2.02% | THCa:21.53% | CBD:0.00% | CBDa:0.67% | CBN:0.07% | Moisture:12.42%

Type: Indica Dominant
Medicinal use types: Anxiety, Depression, Mood enhancement

This strain has a wonderful sweet and tangy smell that is heavy on the fresh citrus with a hint of berry sweetness, and only carries a hint of the Diesel twang, which disappeared almost entirely post-grind. Once ground, the sweet and sour fruity freshness takes over completely — it’s pungent for the type or aroma it has, but it’s not one you’ll smell from across the room. This strain started off great, with a hint of Diesel acridness, quickly converting to a smooth tangy citrus-dominant flavor on the exhale. That fresh, lightly sweet quality carried on through the majority of the session, only losing its flavor and becoming more harsh on the final few hits. The smoke did tickle the throat after the halfway mark, causing some coughing and becoming less enjoyable. Still, the solid flavor preservation and a fluffy light gray and white ash indicated it had received a proper flush and cure. A strong Sativa start hit us directly in the head, face, and eyes, giving a rather direct “pressure mask” feeling that was almost uncomfortable for one reviewer during the initial 15 minutes. Along with the facial and sinus pressure came full-body energizing rushes that seemed to sweep from head to toe every few seconds — some reviewers reported some anxiety and paranoia early on, so users who are sensitive to that may want to steer clear. Cerebral and a bit psychedelic to start, it seemed to make colors brighter and caused some visual tracers early on that had our minds active and engaged. There were definitely moments of losing track of thoughts and short-term memory lapses, but we were able to focus on a singular task well enough. Beyond 1 hour, it became a much more relaxing experience, where the body waves converted to a more analgesic, massaging type of feeling and we were more likely to be couch-bound than up and active. No real comedown here — it seemed to leave us feeling clear-headed and fairly energized by the end, ready for whatever happens. Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours medicinal-level potency, 2.5 – 3 hours overall duration Medicinal Traits: (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY) Strong ocular and facial pressure fluctuations, mood elevation, energy, minor pain relief (both nerve and muscle), and strong appetite stimulation